The Sepasoft Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) module suite, built upon the Ignition platform, is used to supervise and track work on a plant floor. The Business Connector module provides an intelligent, configurable information and control connection between MES and a company's ERP and other business systems.

Installation Requirements Based On Functionality

For this functionality:

Install Module(s):

Visual development tools for data exchange including, GUI for:

  • Chart building
  • Material flow sequencing
  • Data selection and filtering
  • Data mapping

Business Connector

Platform Consideration:

MES 3.0: Supports the ability to create MES objects using B2MML.

MES 2.0: Creating MES objects using B2MML is not supported.

Data exchange with web protocols.

Web Services

Visual tools of the Business Connector and connectivity via web protocols.

Business Connector + Web Services

Visual tools of the Business Connector and connectivity to an SAP server.

Business Connector + Interface  for SAP

Visual tools and connecting via web protocols and an SAP server.

Business Connector + Web Services + Interface for SAP

Documentation Organization

This resource gives a broad overview of our Business Connector software, basic instructions about its configuration, along with information on design and implementation. It is intended for engineers and those looking for detailed technical information. Every effort has been made to ensure that this document is an accurate representation of the functionality of the Business Connector module. 

Watch the Video

Watch the Video


MES Training

Explore a broad overview of Sepasoft’s MES modules. By taking a training course taught by one of our experts, you’ll learn key skills and how to apply them to real-world projects.

Get an overview of the entire MES Product Suite. The course covers installation, production model configuration, analysis, modifying user screens and reports. In-Person Training is also available. For more information go to MES Training.

Support Team

For one-on-one help from our support team, go to the Support homepage and submit a Ticket. One of our Support engineers will follow up with you quickly. You can also reach us during business hours 8am-5pm PST at 1-800-207-5506. Support charges may apply. 24-hour support is also available, at an additional fee.

E-mail support is available at

Information on MES Product Suite

The Sepasoft MES Product Suite provides a modular approach to building your own Enterprise Class MES solution. The modules provide everything needed to build and deliver a stand-alone MES application, or can be integrated quite nicely with third party ERP, Inventory Management and Asset Management systems. The MES modules form an additional layer on the Ignition software stack, extending the standard functionality and also allowing for a rich and powerful way to customize the MES implementation to deliver virtually anything required for your MES solution.

For more information:

Information on Ignition

Ignition is a web-based software platform that is great for creating HMIs, SCADA, and MES applications. Ignition, is affordable and easy to get started with, while flexible and capable of scaling up to the largest projects. Ignition is installed as server software and is:

  • Web-based Ignition is installed and deployed using web technologies.
  • Web-managed Ignition's platform is managed through web pages.
  • Web-launched Designer and Clients Ignition's Designer tool and network clients are launched using web.

For more information:

Using the Search Function

You can use the search box at the sidebar to quickly find what you're looking for. If you're searching for a specific function i.e. 'system.mes.object.createFilter()', then typing it in exactly will get you to where you want to be. Typing in 'mes.object.createFilter()' will not. Typing in 'mes object createfilter()' will find it based on the keywords mes object createFilter.

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