The Sepasoft Business Connector is a module for connecting Ignition to business systems. It provides intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces for developing business logic, transforming data, and mapping data between Ignition and other systems. It builds upon decades of industry best practices to enable seamless integration between your enterprise systems and your Ignition-powered manufacturing floor. 

The intuitive visual interface of the Sepasoft Business Connector accelerates configuration, dramatically reducing labor costs to implement business communications. The lower learning curve increases scalability, simplifying maintenance, making it ideal for high-availability, low-downtime environments. The concurrent execution and exception capability supports reliable communications and high-data throughput. Best practices and industry standards for communications are baked in, increasing reliability and trust while decreasing risk. 

MES Compatibility

The Business Connector module is available for use alongside both the Sepasoft MES 2.x modules and the MES 3.x modules. However, when used with MES 2.x, the functionality related to manipulating MES Objects, such as the Verify MES Object and Save MES Object blocks, will not be available for use.

Add-on Modules

Several add-on modules are available for use with the Sepasoft Business Connector:

Interface for SAP ERP Module

The Interface for SAP ERP Module enables the Sepasoft Business Connector to connect to SAP and provides built-in templates for common data exchange scenarios. The cost of the Interface Module for SAP is an order of magnitude less than other middleware tools for SAP connectivity. The Interface for SAP ERP Module is SAP Labs certified.

Web Services Module

The Web Services Module is used to communicate with ERP and business systems that support SOAP and RESTful endpoints. It can be used in conjunction with the Sepasoft Business Connector and its easy-to-use interface, or independently, as a tool for simplifying such communications via scripting in Ignition.

Ignition → MES/Sepasoft Business Connector → Business System
Software Stack (From Factory Level Up to Business Systems)

Benefits of the Sepasoft Business Connector

  • Cost — Engineering costs for typical middleware deployments can range from $50,000 to $250,000 or more per site. For customers using SAP with only light customization, engineering effort is significantly reduced or eliminated by the inclusion of templates, which provide out-of-the-box support for common use cases like downloading process orders and uploading goods movements.
  • Minimal configuration — Outside of user account setup, no configuration is required on the SAP side for vanilla SAP installations. This reduces the skill level of the implementer to only needing limited knowledge of SAP.
  • Drag-and-drop — The Sepasoft Business Connector eliminates major scripting efforts, which are hard to maintain and troubleshoot.
  • SAP Certified — The SAP Module has been certified by SAP Labs, which involved rigorous testing. This ensures customers that they have a reliable product that can scale up with their future connectivity requirements.
  • Ignition integration — The Sepasoft Business Connector is an integrated part of the Ignition ecosystem. It supports familiar idioms like drag-and-drop, tag binding, and scripting.
  • MES integration — The Sepasoft Business Connector can automatically create MES Objects like Production Schedules and Materials, which will synchronize across an enterprise, as part of MES Enterprise 2.0.

Sepasoft Business Connector "Chart"

Sepasoft Business Connector "Mapping"

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