B2MML (Business to Manufacturing Markup Language) is the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) implementation of the ANSI/ISA 95 standards (internationally, IEC/ISO 62264). Basically, it is XML applied to a manufacturing data and processes environment. XML has historically been used for exchanging data between business platforms, but B2MML now expands its use to interfacing to manufacturing platforms, allowing much tighter integration between enterprise resource planning (ERP), scheduling and supply chain management systems and factory control systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

Production and business processes are broken down into a set of XML schemas, which define the process according to ISA-95 object models and the specific XML Schema language (.xsd) describing that process. In a typical MES/business interaction, a "Production Performance" object as defined by ISA-95 consists of several "Production Responses," which itself consists of one or more "Segment Response" elements. These response segments contain measured production and materials consumption information. An .xsd message for this would explicitly define those data elements, contain the actual names and numbers, and request that a particular action be performed with the enclosed data. The .xsd message usually includes other information, such as metadata about the sender (e.g. application ID, equipment and process type). 

Sample B2MML (XML)

All data defining the object is encapsulated in XML markup:

Material Produced Daily

More About B2MML

For additonal information, refer to the following (external) websites:


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