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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software is used to supervise and track work on a plant floor. Our MES Modules offer vertical software solutions built on the power of the Ignition platform. It provides functions such as resource management, detailed scheduling, dispatching, production analysis and downtime management, product tracking and genealogy, monitoring recipes, quality management, variance tracking, real-time predictive analysis, and more. MES is the layer between SCADA and ERP systems. 

Documentation Organization

This comprehensive resource gives a broad overview of our MES Software, the basic instructions about its configuration, along with information on design and coding. It is intended for developers and those looking for detailed technical information. Every effort has been made to ensure that this document is an accurate representation of the functionality of MES. The deployment instructions included can help you get started with MES development as soon as you download. All of the MES modules are built on the Ignition platform.

The help is organized in the following way:

  • Tutorial

An online tutorial is provided that will walk you through every step of installing our software and building an MES project. This is recommended for all users as a first step in becoming familiar with our software.

  • Thematic

There are chapters that provide general information regarding the framework, configuration and use for each of our modules. This section is intended for beginner to intermediate users to gain a general understanding of the software capabilities and how it may be used.

  • Reference

The appendix section provides alphabetical listing of all scripting functions, objects and components. This section is intended for advanced users who know exactly what sort of information they are looking for.

  • Knowledge Base

KB articles have been created that provide detail on how to use our software to implement specific manufacturing solutions.

  • Videos

We have created videos that walk you through using our software. 

Using the Search Function

You can use the search box at the sidebar to quickly find what you're looking for. If you're searching for a specific function i.e. ' system.mes.object.createFilter() ', then typing it in exactly will get you to where you want to be. Typing in ' mes.object.createFilter() ' will not. Typing in ' mes object createfilter() ' will find it based on the keywords  mes object createFilter .


Online Help

You can access Online Help from the Ignition Designer and the Gateway. To access it from the Designer, click the  F1  key or select  Help > MES Module Help  from the top menus. To access online Help from the Gateway, go to the Configure section and select System > User Manual.

MES Basics

What is MES?

Support Team

For one-on-one help from our support team, go to the Support homepage and submit a Ticket. One of our Support engineers will follow up with you quickly. You can also reach us during business hours 8am-5pm PST at 1-800-207-5506. Support charges may apply. 24-hour support is also available, at an additional fee.

E-mail support is available at  support@sepasoft.com .

MES Training

Explore a broad overview of Sepasoft’s MES modules. By taking a training course taught by one of our experts, you’ll learn key skills and how to apply them to real-world projects.

Get an overview of the entire MES Product Suite. The course covers installation, production model configuration, analysis, modifying user screens and reports. In-Person Training is also available. For more information go to MES Training.

Online Tutorial

Don't have time to come to training? You can go through the basics by following our self-paced online tutorial at Training Manual.


You can watch the MES training videos, test your knowledge, and participate in our new credential program.

When you need information on any given feature, you can read about the feature here in the User Manual, then go to the same section in the Video Library course list to watch the related video.

When there is a corresponding video for a feature description, you will see a video link as follows:


Watch the Video

MES Products

Click on the logo to direct you to corresponding module description. Also see the Sales Info button for each modules.

MES Enterprise

Connect all your Site Gateway servers together to provide a holistic enterprise view of what is happening at all your manufacturing plants.

Schedule Work Orders and calculate production metrics for OEE Analysis and Downtime Tracking.

Add lot tracking, lot genealogy and production control with the Track & Trace module built on the ISA-95 Standard.

Facilitate the collaboration and analysis of quality data across your entire enterprise with the SPC Module. Provides automatic sample scheduling, real-time control signal evaluation and powerful SPC control charting.

Create, manage and control your process recipes and monitor for variance in real-time with this module.

Connect your MES application to the enterprise with the Web services module. Provides support for SOAP and RESTful API's to connect to ERP and QMS systems.

Capture data from instruments via serial port or flat files, and bring that information into your Ignition Project.

Barcode Scanner

Decode 1D, 2D and GS1 barcode input from the Gateway without opening a client window.

 Production Simulator

Free module that allows you to simulate your manufacturing operation to help the implementation when your production line isn't available.

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