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The base AbstractMESObject object provides core properties that are common to all MES objects. The values of the core properties are accessed using the getPropertyValue() and setPropertyValue() functions of the AbstractMESObject object.

Core Properties

Nameread, write

This is the name of the MES object. This name is used when referencing the object. It must be a unique name meaning that no other MES object of it's type can have the same name.

Naming Characters Allowed

Names must begin with a letter, digit or underscore. Subsequent characters may also include spaces and dashes. The following characters are not allowed in any MES Object Name:
. ? ! # % ^ * ~ [ ] { } + = ` \
Also not allowed for Production Equipment Names:
, @ & ( ) < >
Also not allowed for MES Person Objects:
/ " $ | < >
Also not allowed for other MES Objects:
/ " $ | ,

UUIDread-onlyThis will contain the Universally Unique Identifier for each instance of a MES object.
Enabledread, writeThis property will be set to true when the MES object is active and usable. When MES objects are deleted they are still retained in the database and the Enabled setting is set to false. This is done to maintain past traceability information.
Descriptionread, writeAn optional setting to give more details for a MES object.

Code Examples
Read Object UUID Snippet
#Get MES object UUID example:
mesObject = system.mes.loadMESObject("Vinegar", "MaterialClass")
print mesObject.getPropertyValue('UUID')
Set Object Name Snippet
#Set MES object name example:
mesObject = system.mes.loadMESObject("Vinegar", "MaterialClass")
mesObject.setPropertyValue('Name', 'MyNewObjectName')
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