Modules Currently Supported on Ignition 8

  • OEE
  • Track & Trace
  • SPC
  • Recipe
  • Web Services (contact Sepasoft for workaround)
  • Instrument Interface
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Production Simulator

Download modules from the Platform 2, Ignition 8.0 tab here.

For Ignition 7.9, remain on version 2.79.x.

All MES 1.0 version 1.9.5 modules will not be supported on Ignition 8.

Compatibility with Ignition 8's New Project Inheritance

New in Ignition 8 is the ability to configure Ignition Project inheritance. In previous versions of Ignition, there was a concept of a "Global" project, wherein shared resources like shared scripts and templates resided, such that all projects could access them. This "Global" project is also where much of the configuration of the Sepasoft modules was accomplished, including the MES Production Model, Web Services Configurations, and more.

In Ignition 8, however, Inductive Automation has done away with the "Global" project. For more details on the new Project Inheritance functionality, please review this video at Inductive University:

As part of our 2.80.0 update, we have added compatibility with this new Project structure. When a user installs the 2.80.x versions of the MES modules, whether via upgrade or fresh install, a new Ignition Project is automatically created, called MESGateway. By default, all configuration of the Sepasoft resources is accomplished there, including changes to the MES Production Model, Web Services Configurations, etc. Other projects can use the components, scripting functions, tags, and everything else the Sepasoft modules have to offer, but configuration of the Sepasoft modules is only performed in the Configuration Project.

Extending the Configuration Project

By default, the MESGateway project is set to not be "Inheritable", which means that you are unable to see or interact with your MES or other settings from other Ignition Projects on your Gateway. Of course, you are fully able to set "Inheritable" to True, and set other projects as children of your Configuration Project. This will enable you to see the configuration settings from other projects. HOWEVER: If you make changes to the configuration of the Sepasoft modules in projects that are not the designated Configuration Project for that module, those changes will not actually take effect. The Sepasoft Modules will only look to the designated project for configuration.

You can designate another project as your MES Configuration Project, by navigating to MES Settings on your Gateway's Config tab:

The same is true for the Web Services Module. Simply navigate to Config → Web Services ModuleSettings to change the Configuration Project.
more details in:
Web Service Standalone Installation

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