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Trial Mode

The MES modules follow the same trial operation as Ignition. Any MES module can be used for 2 hours at a time, with no restrictions. At the end of the trial period, the system will stop logging data to the database, display expired trial overlays on live values, and clients will see a demo screen. By logging into the gateway, you may re-start the demo period, and enable another 2 hours of execution. The demo period may be restarted any number of times.

You may install an unlicensed MES module into a licensed Ignition server. The Ignition server licensing will not be affected and the MES module will operate in Demo mode.

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The MES license can be purchased along with, or separately from, the Ignition license. Despite the modular licensing, each Ignition server only has a single CD-Key and license file. That is, there is a single license file that dictates which modules are current activated. When module(s) are purchased, you will receive a CD-Key - a six digit code that identifies your purchase. You then use this CD-Key to activate the software through the Ignition Gateway. Activation is a process by which the CD-Key and its associated parameters get locked to the machine that you are activating. If you are adding an additional module, your account will be updated, and you can re-use your existing CD-Key to activate the new features. For this reason, if you purchased the MES module separately from the Ignition server, the MES license will have to be added to your existing CD-Key.

It is possible to inactivate your CD-Key, freeing it for activation on a different machine.

Removing license while Operations are in progress

Attempting to remove a license from a site that has ongoing operations will result in an exception. Stop all runs before removing a license.

OEE Module Licensing

This powerful module combines overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) calculations and downtime tracking to help operations managers measure efficiency and gain insight on driving continuous improvement activities.

• Downtime Data Collection

• Real-Time Efficiency Tracking

• Monitor Asset Utilization

Not all production facilities have the large number of lines and cells while others do. For this reason there are two basic editions to choose from to meet your situation:

MachineOne active OEE calculation per machine license with downtime collection for an unlimited number of child cells (sub-machines)
SiteUnlimited OEE calculations per physical production site and Ignition server license
EnterpriseConnect multiple MES Ignition Gateways across your entire enterprise to form a large, centrally managed MES solution. Analyze MES data from multiple production facilities at the enterprise server. One license per Ignition gateway server is required

Track & Trace Licensing

This paperless, fully integrated solution can provide production control and track product from the raw materials to the finished state, access genealogy data, and set up a centralized operator interface for all MES information.

• Data Connections & Visual Trace Graph

• In-Depth Data and Analysis

• Aligns with ISA-95

MachineOne active operation (task) per machine license with unlimited segments (sub-tasks) under the operation
SiteUnlimited active operations per physical production site and Ignition server license

SPC Licensing

Ensure that statistical process control (SPC) data is accurately collected on time, every time by using the powerful features of the SPC Module. Deliver real-time SPC data in a comprehensive format using the flexible control charts and analysis tools.

• Automatic Sample Scheduling

• Automatic Rule Evaluation

• Powerful SPC Control Charts

MachineSample collection, SPC rule monitoring, sample scheduling and viewing samples in control charts are limited to one machine per machine license. Includes basic control charts.
SiteUnlimited sample collection, SPC rule monitoring, sample scheduling and viewing samples in control charts per physical production site and Ignition server license. Includes basic and advanced SPC control charts (advanced control charts include process capability, process performance and box and whisker).

Recipe Management Licensing

Expertly build, manage and monitor your recipes. Easily manage product changeovers with a powerful recipe builder. Use multiple-level master recipes to instantly change several recipes simultaneously.

• Manage Recipes

• Audit Recipe Changes

• Real-Time Recipe Variances

MachineOne active recipe per machine license
SiteUnlimited active recipes per physical production site and Ignition server license

Utility Module Licensing

Each utility module below requires its own license.

Instrument Interface

Capture raw textual data from instrument type devices via serial, text files, OPC devices and more, and enable you to parse out the meaningful values that can be saved to databases or passed along to other systems.

Barcode Scanner

Use barcode scanning capabilities to facilitate material handling. Scan the badge to sign off on materials, master production records, batch production records, and other production tasks.

MachineNot available
SiteUnlimited instrumentation devices (Instrument Interface license) or barcode scanners (Barcode Scanner license) per physical production site and Ignition server license

Licensing Options on a Server

With the modular feature set of Ignition, specific functionalities can be deployed and licensed per server.  While many combinations are available some combinations are not available by design.

Different Modules can mix and match Site and Machine Licenses on the same Ignition Server

E.g. A site for OEE is necessary but only a machine license is necessary for a limited SPC implementation at the same factory.  This is a valid combination of modules and licenses.

Multiple Sites Require Additional Care when licensed for the same Module.

E.g. Two site licenses for OEE are on the same server.  This is a valid configuration and is appropriate for (as an example) a site with a minimal IT footprint that uses the Ignition server at another factory.

E.g. Two sites have limited lines, we'll say two, and therefore have less than four machine licenses per site.  These lines are typically licensed at the machine license level.  These can not be combined on the same Ignition instance.  We would need to deploy two servers with two machine licenses each, or one server with two site licenses covering both factories.  We may not have one server with four machine licenses spread across two sites.


Activation, as mentioned above, is the method by which a cd-key is locked down to the install machine, and the modules are notified of their license state. It is a two step process that can be performed automatically over the internet, or manually through email or the Inductive Automation website.

Step 1 - Enter CD-Key

When the software is purchased, you are provided with a six digit CD-key. After logging into the gateway configuration, go to Licensing > Purchase or Activate, and select "Activate".

Enter your CD-key.

Step 2a - Activate over Internet

If your computer has internet access, activating over the internet is the easiest option. A secure file will be created with your cd-key, and sent to our servers. The response file will then be downloaded and installed, completing the entire process in seconds.


Step 2b - Activate Manually

If you do not have internet access on the installation machine, you must activate manually. In this process, an activation request file is generated (activation_request.txt). You must then take this file to a machine with internet access, and email it to, or visit our website to activate there. Either way will result in a license file (license.ipl) being generated, which you then must take back to the Gateway machine and enter into the License and Activation page.

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