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The MES Enterprise module allows you to analyze MES data from multiple gateway servers, each at its own production facilities, all from one enterprise server. Each of the local Gateways can be configured to push analysis data up to an auxiliary database as well as its own local database. Ignition's Store & Forward mechanism is employed so that if the network connection is lost between the local site and the corporate data warehouse, the data will be stored locally until the connection comes back. The MES Enterprise module resides on a corporate server that can then access the 'auxiliary' database. All the components and scripting functions for the MES modules are available in the MES Enterprise module, however no production model exists on this gateway and no configuration can be performed.


  • Spin up a 'Central Ignition Gateway Server' and install the MES Enterprise module on that server. 
  • Create an MES database on the company SQL cluster or data warehouse and create a db connection on the central ignition server to that database.
  • On all the local Ignition Gateway Servers, setup the auxiliary database connection under MES Settings to point to the MES database you created in the step above. 
  • Create an enterprise application on the central server to view OEE data from all sites.


It is possible to configure a Gateway to be a local site MES server (with production model) and also use the MES Enterprise Module to analyze MES data from multiple sites.

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