MES Enterprise

Connect all your Site Gateway servers together to provide a holistic enterprise view of what is happening at all your manufacturing plants.

Schedule Work Orders and calculate production metrics for OEE Analysis and Downtime Tracking.

Add lot tracking, lot genealogy and production control with the Track & Trace module built on the ISA-95 Standard.

Facilitate the collaboration and analysis of quality data across your entire enterprise with the SPC Module. Provides automatic sample scheduling, real-time control signal evaluation and powerful SPC control charting.

Create, manage and control your process recipes and monitor for variance in real-time with this module.

Connect your MES application to the enterprise with the Web services module. Provides support for SOAP and RESTful API's to connect to ERP and QMS systems.

Capture data from instruments via serial port or flat files, and bring that information into your Ignition Project.

Barcode Scanner

Decode 1D, 2D and GS1 barcode input from the Gateway without opening a client window.

 Production Simulator

Free module that allows you to simulate your manufacturing operation to help the implementation when your production line isn't available.

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