MES Value Editor component is used to change values that were automatically captured by the system but need to be modified, for example machine said it was in production mode, but it was actually in maintenance mode, or production counts are off.

See Adjusting Production Run Data page for various MES Value Editor settings.

Overridden Values

When an Equipment State is overridden via the OEE Downtime Table, or if overridden via scripting, then the value shown in the MES Value Editor will be displayed as a negative number.

Component Palette

Component Properties

Properties are provided that can be set to affect the operation and look of the component. They can be set through the Property Editor in the Designer or through scripting.

event.source.parent.getComponent('MES Value Editor').autoRowHeightEnabled = True

NameScriptingProperty TypeDescription
Equipment PathequipmentPathString

Path to the equipment to show or edit MES values.

If you copy and paste an equipment path to the MES Value Editor component Equipment Path property, the value does not persist after saving, closing the window and re-opening it. This is by design. Otherwise everytime a window is opened, it will cause calls to the server which are not needed.

Bindings do persist, the property be bound to a tag or a binding to a root container custom property containing the equipment path gets around this issue.
Start DatestartDateDateBeginning of the time range to display.
End DateendDateDateEnd of the time range to display.
DatadataDatasetData for this table.
Selected RowselectedRowintIndex of the first selected row, or -1 if none.
NameScriptingProperty TypeDescription
Column Attributes DatacolumnAttributesDataDatasetDataset describing the column attributes.
Title FonttitleFontFontFont to use for the title bar.
Title Foreground ColortitleForegroundColorForeground color of the title bar.
Title Background ColortitleBackgroundColorBackground color of the title bar.
Header FontheaderFontFontFont to use for the table header.
Header Background ColorheaderBackgroundColorBackground color of the table header.
Table Background ColortableBackgroundColorBackground color of the table body.
Header Foreground ColorheaderForegroundColorForeground color of the table header.
Row FontrowFontFontFont to use for the table header.
Row Foreground ColorrowForegroundColorForeground color of rows in the table.
Row Background ColorrowBackgroundColorBackground color of rows in the table.
Row Selection Foreground ColorselectionForegroundColorDefault foreground color of selected cells.
Row Selection Background ColorselectionBackgroundColorDefault background color of selected cells.
Auto Row Height EnabledautoRowHeightEnabledbooleanIf true, row height of the table will be adjusted automatically.
Row HeightrowHeightintIf row resizing is disabled, this will set the height of all rows.
Show Horizontal Grid Lines?showHorizontalLinesbooleanDisplays horizontal gridlines making it easier to read.
Show Vertical Grid Lines?showVerticalLinesbooleanDisplays vertical gridlines making it easier to read.
Grid Line ColorgridColorColorColor of grid lines in the table.

Event Handlers

Event handlers provide the ability to add custom script when a user interacts with a component when a component property changes.

Fires whenever a bindable property of the source component changes. This works for standard and custom (dynamic) properties.

.sourceThe component that fired this event.
.newValueThe new value that this property changed to.
.oldValueThe value that this property was before it changed. Note that not all components include an accurate oldValue in their events.
.propertyNameThe name of the property that changed. NOTE: Remember to always filter out these events for the property that you are looking for! Components often have many properties that change.

Extension Functions

  • Description

Provides a chance to configure the style of each column header. Return a dictionary of name-value pairs with the desired attributes. Available attributes include: 'font', 'foreground', 'background', 'border', 'toolTipText'.

  • Parameters

self - A reference to the component that is invoking this function.

colIndex - The index of the column in the underlying dataset.

colName - Name of the column in the underlying dataset.

  • Return


  • Scope


Code Example
from java.awt import Font
from java.awt import Color
from javax.swing.border import MatteBorder
return { 'font': Font('Dialog', Font.PLAIN, 12), 
	'foreground': Color.BLUE, 
	'background': Color.YELLOW, 
	'border': MatteBorder(1, 1, 1, 1, Color(238, 236, 232)), 
	'toolTipText': colName } 

Custom Methods

Custom methods allow you to add your own component functions to a component that can be called through scripting. This is a useful and clean method of re-using script that is specific to the component (say you want to update a visual aspect of the component in the same way whether a user clicks on the component or a window property value changes). See Component Custom Methods in the Ignition Help Manual for more information.


Table Customizer

Table Customizer manages the data entered into the MES Value Editor. It will allow you to modify the data which is stored inside the MES Value Editor. Thus the formatting and alignments are made easy.

Column Configuration

Header - Provide a custom name to the column header.

Hide? - Hides the column.

Editable - Allows the editing of the cell pertaining to the column.

Sortable - Allows the user to sort the table according to the selected column.

Filterable? - To make a column filter the data on user's demand.

Horiz Align - Aligns the contents of the column.

Vert Align - Aligns the contents of the column.

Wrap Text? - Data in the cell wraps to fit the column width. When you change the column width, data wrapping adjusts automatically.

Prefix - A custom text that proceeds the contents of each cell.

Suffix - A custom text that follows the contents of each cell.

Number Format - A format of the cell is the contents of the cell are number types.

Date Format -  Used if the contents of the cell are date types.

Boolean? - Changes the contents of the cell to reflect a 'check box' look and feel.

Custom Properties

The custom properties can be used to add user defined properties.

Component Functions

This component does not have functions associated with it.

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