OEE Run Director component is used to start and stop the production runs. Multiple operations can be run at a time by setting the Enable Simultaneous Active property to True. The button will start changeover, button will switch operation from changeover to production and button will end the run.

Component Palette

Component Properties

Properties are provided that can be set to affect the operation and look of the component. They can be set through the Property Editor in the Designer or through scripting.

event.source.parent.getComponent('OEE Run Director').selectionMode = 1

NameScriptingProperty TypeDescription
Selection ModeselectionModeintThe selection mode. 0 corresponds to Material and 1 corresponds to Work Order.
Equipment PathequipmentPathString

Equipment path to show available segments.

If you copy and paste an equipment path to the Run Director component Equipment Path property, the value does not persist after saving, closing the window and re-opening it. This is by design. Otherwise everytime a window is opened, it will cause calls to the server which are not needed.

Bindings, however, do persist. As an example, the property may be bound to a tag or a root container's custom property containing a path.
Enable Simultaneous ActiveenableSimultaneousActivebooleanIf true, allows multiple operations to be active at the same time.
NameScriptingProperty TypeDescription

Previous Product Indexed State



Whether or not the previous product has been indexed to the next cell.

Event Handlers

Event handlers provide the ability to add custom script when a user interacts with a component.

Fires whenever a bindable property of the source component changes. This works for standard and custom (dynamic) properties.

.sourceThe component that fired this event.
.newValueThe new value that this property changed to.
.oldValueThe value that this property was before it changed. Note that not all components include an accurate oldValue in their events.

The name of the property that changed. NOTE: Remember to always filter out these events for the property that you are looking for! Components often have many properties that change. Event properties are listed in the table below.

itemSelectSelected item name which is a work order or a material definition name
changeoverBeginMaterial definition name
changeoverEndMaterial definition name
productionBeginMaterial definition name
productionEndMaterial definition name
changeoverAbortMaterial definition name

Material definition name

Code Example
Code Snippet
#Property change event script
#Open the console window of the Designer or client
#In the Run Director Component, select an item and click 'Begin' button, the 'End Changeover' button, and 'End Production' button
#Check each steps event.propertyName and event.newValue at the Console window.
print "propertyName: " + event.propertyName
print "newValue: " + str(event.newValue)
propertyName: changeoverBegin
newValue: MatDef1
propertyName: previousProductIndexed
newValue: False
propertyName: productionAbort
newValue: MatDef1
propertyName: previousProductIndexed
newValue: True

Extension Functions

  • Description

Provides a chance to change an icon. Based on the icon name parameter, return the image path to the icon to use in place of the default icon.

  • Parameters

self - A reference to the component that is invoking this function.

iconName - The name of the icon.

  • Returns


  • Scope


# This example will return a path to a different image to replace the default delete image:
if iconName == 'remove':
	return 'Builtin/icons/24/delete2.png'

Custom Methods

Custom methods allow you to add your own component functions to a component that can be called through scripting. This is a useful and clean method of re-using script that is specific to the component (say you want to update a visual aspect of the component in the same way whether a user clicks on the component or a window property value changes). See Component Custom Methods in the Ignition Help Manual for more information.


Custom Properties

The custom properties can be used to add user defined properties.

Component Functions

This component does not have functions associated with it.

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