There are many different types of MES objects in the Sepasoft MES Module, all of which are inherited from the AbstractMESObject. Many of the scripting functions and properties refer to the common AbstractMESObject. The image below shows the MES Objects properties, functions and events. As all objects inherit from the AbstractMESObject, they all will have the Name property and the addCustomProperty() function.

As an example, the Equipment Object has an EquipmentPath property and a getEquipmentPath() function in addition to those properties and functions inherited from the AbstractMESObject.


There is an MESObjectTypes object that has some helpful functions when working with MES Objects. Both the AbstractMESObject  and the MES Object Link objects have a getMESObjectType() function that returns the type of an MES object.

The code below shows how to determine the specific MES object type using the getMESObjectType() method on the object.

Get MES Object Type
#This code snippet will print the names of MES object types.
filter = system.mes.object.filter.createFilter()
filter.setMESObjectNamePattern('Receive Turkeys')
list = system.mes.searchMESObjects(filter)
for ndx in range(list.size()):
    mesObject = list.get(ndx)
    print mesObject.getMESObjectType().getDisplayName()

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