Objects are at the heart of the Sepasoft Product Suite. They provide the methods and attributes that all our components interact with to create production schedules, start runs, enforce production control and analyze production results.

We have objects for each of the products as well as some objects that are common across all products. In future releases, almost all products will be based on the MES objects.

Object UUIDs

Each MES object and even other properties or data has to be uniquely identified. The typical method for doing this is to use an identification number generated by the database which is an integer, starting at 1 and increasing over time. But, this method becomes a problem when data from multiple systems, that each have their own database that are generating identification numbers, is pushed up to an enterprise or higher level system. In the database of the enterprise or higher level system, the identification numbers will have duplicates which causes inconsistencies of historical data. 


For this reason, the Sepasoft MES system uses Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID). A UUID represents a 128-bit value that enables distributed systems to uniquely identify information without significant central coordination. Information identified with a UUID can therefore be combined into a single database without needing to be concerned about duplicates. 


Even though true UUIDs are a data type of their own, all UUID values within the Sepasoft MES modules are strings.


Sample UUID value: 5253ccae-47b4-4dc2-954f-900ffa8636eb


 Mentally, it is hard to keep track of the full UUID value, so usually the last 3 or 4 digits will be unique and is easier to keep track in ones head.



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