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The tag path for MES Counters and Tag Collector Paths in the OEE 2.0 Downtime Tab can be parameterized with "{Equipment Path}" to utilize indirection and provide for a more rapid development of the production model. 

Both back slashes and forward slashes or a combination of both can be used. 


Before: [default]\Enterprise\Site\Area\Line\InfeedCount

After: {Equipment Path}\InfeedCount

If your tag path is not built with the same hierarchy as the Production Model, you can still parameterize the path using parts of the Production Model path.

Before: [default]\Enterprise\Site\Area\Line\InfeedCount

After: [default]\Enterprise\Site\{Equipment Path:3}\{Equipment Path:4}\InfeedCount

Also: [default]\Enterprise\Site\{Equipment Path:3,4}\InfeedCount

Here the number indicating the Area in the production model hierarchy from the enterprise level is 3, so Equipment Path: 3. Similarly Equipment Path: 4 for the Line.

Supported Configurations

{Equipment Path}- replace with the full equipment path for the item
{Equipment Path:N}- replace with Nth item in the equipment path
{Equipment Path:M,N} - replace with Mth item to the Nth item in the equipment path


{Equipment Path:1} = Enterprise

{Equipment Path:2} = Site

{Equipment Path:3} = Area

{Equipment Path:4} = Line

{Equipment Path:5} = Cell or Cell Group or Location

{Equipment Path:6} = Cell if part of a Cell Group

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