The Sepasoft MES scripting API, which is available under the module name system., is full of functions that are useful when designing Sepasoft MES projects. From starting production runs, analyzing production results, to importing or exporting production data, scripting functions can help. Some of these functions only work in the Gateway scope, and other only work in the Client scope, while the rest will work in any scope.

Also, there are script functions that are directly available on the MES objects. They support common tasks from setting material, personnel and other resources for production tasks to setting parenting relationships between material classes (categories) and material definitions.

For an overview and syntax of the scripting functions, see Scripting Overview and Syntax in the Ignition Documentation.



In the Ignition script editor or script console pane, the documentation for the script functions can be accessed by pressing control-space after typing in "system.". For all the Web Service script functions, type in "" and press control-space to see the associated function and documentation.




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