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Whenever there are multiple products running on a production line, this script function will move the newest product forward to the passed in cell. It achieves this by searching backwards from the designated cell for a cell indexed to a product with a different operationUUID from the product on the designated cell. If a previous product is discovered, it is indexed forward to the designated cell. If a previous product is not discovered, an error is thrown. In the case that we successfully index to the last cell on the line, the run for the previous product at that cell is ended automatically. Finally, an error is thrown if following through with the indexing operation would completely overwrite a product on the line because it has not yet been indexed further down the line.

Top Level Cells Only

Only cells and cell groups at the first level under the line can utilize indexing. All members of a cell group will have the same product code and operation UUID. The indexing feature is not available within a cell (i.e. a cell can only have one product code running at a time) or within a cell group.


system.mes.oee.indexCellProduct(equipmentPath, skipChangeover)

  • Parameters

String equipmentPath - The equipment path of the cell or cell group to index to the next product.

Boolean skipChangeover - If true, the changeover segment for the cell or cell group will be skipped and production will start immediately.

  • Returns


  • Scope


Code Examples
Code Snippet
eqPath='[global]\Nuts Unlimited\Folsom\Receiving\Nut Unloading\New Cell Group'
system.mes.oee.indexCellProduct(eqPath, True)