Update multiple values recorded by the MES tag collector. If a value does not existing for one of the timestamps, then an exception will be returned.


system.mes.updateTagCollectorValues(equipmentPath, collectorType, key, values)

  • Parameters

String equipmentPath - The path from the production model to the desired equipment.

String collectorType - The name of the tag collector type. See Tag Collector Types for more details.

String key Where there are multiple instances of a tag collector type, this specifies which one to use. For example, there can be multiple MES counters for the "Equipment Count" tag collector type. If not needed, pass an empty string. In other words it is the name of the MES counter or the name of the Additional Factor.

PyDictionary values - A Python dictionary containing the date (of type Date) and value (Refer Datatype) pairs to update.

  • Returns


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Code Examples
Code Snippet
date1 =, 2, 17)
dateTime1 =, 12, 55, 31)
date2 =, 2, 17)
dateTime2 =, 13, 16, 13)
equipmentPath = '[global]\Enterprise\San Marcos\MP Rotator\Test Line 1'
collectorType = 'Equipment Mode'
key = ''
values={dateTime1:2, dateTime2:2}
system.mes.updateTagCollectorValues(equipmentPath, collectorType, key, values)
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