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Set the current product code for a line and immediately starts it running. If the line is currently in a production run, it will have to be ended before setting a new product code. The product code must exist in the production code table and the line must be enabled to run it.


The function requires an additional argument on the Gateway script which is the name of the project.
system.production.utils.startLineProductCode(linePath, productCode)


  • Parameters

String linePath The line path of the production line that this component is associated with. This is the full path name of the line starting with the project name.

String productCode - The new product code for the line to run next.

  • Returns

True if the project name, line path and product code are valid and the new product code has been set.

  • Scope


Code Examples
Code Snippet
linePath = "[global]\My Enterprise\California\Receiving\Unload Station 1"
prodCode = system.production.utils.addProductCode('PC_001','Product Code 1')
system.production.utils.startLineProductCode(linePath, prodCode)



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