This scripting function can be used to change tag info given an equipment Path for a recipe value. The function takes a boolean includechildren to allow the user to update both parent and children in an equipment path and have them point to a tag that has recently been updated.
If includeChildren boolean is set to False, the code will update the parent recipe tag to match the current tag information. In the case of datatype update, if there is a child in the equipment path that is referencing the same tag, the script will not be able to update the parent. In other words, children of the current production item should have a matching datatype as the tag datatype used for the parent recipe value (if it's a string type, children cannot be referencing a tag datatype that is not of type string.)
If include children is set to true, the code will assume that all the children tags have been updated to match the current datatype of the parent item's recipe value tag. Code will retrieve the updated tag information for the parent recipe value and its children.


system.recipe.updateRecipeTagInfo(equipmentPath, includeChildren)

  • Parameters

String equipmentPath - Equipment Path of the line you want to update the tag values for.
boolean includeChildren - Include children in current equipment path.

  • Returns


  • Scope


Code Example 1
Code Snippet
# Let's say you change the tag Line 1/Speed from an int to a float.
#Then you would call:
system.recipe.updateRecipeTagInfo('[global]\Enterprise\Site\Area\Line 1', True)



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