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Welcome to the Sepasoft 1.0 MES Training Manual. This is a comprehensive guide that is designed to help you improve the quality of your MES projects. It has been put together as a tutorial that walks you through the steps of implementing an MES solution for an imaginary company Nuts Unlimited, where we will add Track & Trace, OEE, Recipe Management, SPC and finally Instrument Interface functionality to their Nuts Mixing and Packaging Line.

You build the project as you go along. As you go through the tutorial, we'll discuss each topic in detail and provide links to reference material in the help manual.

Whenever you see a star (blue star), there is a task for you to perform to build out your own MES Project.



We love Feedback

As we help you grow, please help us to improve! Use the comments field to inform us of any issues you find with the training documentation, whether it is confusing or just downright plain wrong. The project and training was built against a certain Ignition and Module Release version. We will validate it against new releases periodically, but welcome your help and feedback.



Good Luck with your training project!



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