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Version 2.9.2 SP7 is for Ignition platform 7.9.4 to 7.9.x. Our modules currently are not compatible with Ignition 8.

What is fixed in 2.9.2 SP7?

Fixed the issue that caused incorrect capturing of line state changes.

The MES 2.0 platform release contains the new OEE 2.0 module. All other modules maintain the same functionality as their MES 1.0 counterparts, but have been modified to work on the new platform. The Web Services, Barcode Scanner, Instrument Interface and Production Simulator modules from the MES 1.0 suite can be installed alongside these MES 2.0 modules. All other modules need to be upgraded to the 2.0 version. If you are upgrading from any of the MES 2.0 versions, please restart your Gateway after install.

CURRENT OEE 1.0 USERS: (versions 1.9.4 and prior) DO NOT UPGRADE TO THIS VERSION 

Do not mix OEE 2.0 modules with the OEE 1.0 modules. Install OEE 2.0 only after uninstalling OEE 1.0 and removing any OEE 1.0 projects from the gateway.

Legacy Import functionality: This utility allows current users of the MES 1.0 suite to upgrade to the new 2.0 platform. The process for this migration is somewhat complex, and involves replacing components, transferring data, and more. As such, we have prepared detailed documentation with regards to accomplishing this migration. Please read the background information carefully, and follow the steps carefully. Completing the steps incorrectly, or failing to make adequate backups can cause this migration to fail. The documentation for Legacy Import is available at Migrating from OEE 1.0 to OEE 2.0.

Click on the link to download this release:


The Trace, OEE, Recipe and SPC modules require the installation of Production module. All the modules must be in the same version!

Production-module.modl Required by OEE, T&T, SPC and Recipe Modules
OEE-Downtime-V2-module.modlCore module
Trace-module.modlCore module
SPC-module.modlCore module
Recipe-module.modlCore module
Web-Service-module.modlLatest version is 2.9.6 SP2 and can be used with 2.9.2 core modules as this is a utility module.


Change Notes

General - All MES Products

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Change_TypeChange Logrev
Fixed Modified RawCount and Rollover to support BIGINT (Long). Also fixed issue with (some) schema updates not running if there were only updated (alter) columns and not new ones.SP5
FixedIssue where analysis errors took place for the first run on a line, resulting in incorrect behavior in the MES Schedule View. SP4
ImprovedSpeed of analysis queries for counters and additional factors. Please note that if you have been using OEE 2.0 since prior to October 2017, you may see database errors regarding duplicate counters. These errors may prevent you from seeing your analysis results for that equipment. If you see those errors contact Sepasoft Support to resolve this issue.SP1
FixedError being returned when system.mes.addTagCollectorValues script function is called.SP1
ImprovedSmall optimization of initial analysis loading data into the raw value cache.SP1
ImprovedAdded Equipment CLass Name FIlter to the MES Schedule View component. Also, added the ability to include multiple comma-separated equipment paths in the Equipment Path Filter property.RC4
FixedIssue in the analysis where analysis data was not showing if analysis with a date range in the past was done before analysis with a current data range was done.RC4
AddedDescending order option to analysis setting values.RC3
AddedAbility to use the Downtime Table at the Cell Level.RC3
FixedChanged the name of OEE Down Time component to OEE Downtime component.RC3
FixedSchedule View component throws null error when moving a schedule item after having saved the production model.RC2
Fixed An issue where the Task Routing MES Status page was visible in the Ignition gateway web page when a task routing license was not present.RC2
Fixed Issue where a production model restart was required for changes in MES object event scripts to take effect.RC2
FixedIssue where calling event.runDefaultHandler() from an MES Object event script would cause an error instead of correctly running the default handler.RC2
FixedIssue where Oracle "Top-N" queries did not produce the correct results in certain instances.RC2
FixedAn issue where working with the Schedule View and then updating the production model could cause many warnings from Live Analysis.RC2
ImprovedMES Analysis cache performance. RC2
FixedFixed issue where the OEE Reject Count analysis calculator was not determining counts correctly when the package count was greater than 1.0. This effected both Live Analysis, analysis components and analysis reporting. Also, fixed issue where the data point selector for the Live Analysis did not show up resulting in values having to be manually typed in.RC1
FixedFixed issue that prevents a segment from being executed if its personnel complex property has a personnel reference that points to an personnel class of person.RC1
FixedFixed issue where OEE count calculators threw an error when mode data was not available.RC1
ImprovedAdded more detailed property descriptions in the MES Object Editor.RC1
FixedCorrected property descriptions for components.RC1
ImprovedCustom analysis value sources and calculators.RC1
FixedIncorrect descriptions in MES Object Editor component for custom properties.RC1
UpdatedModule signing certificate.RC1

OEE Module

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Change_TypeChange Logrev
FixedLine Downtime Occurrence Count analysis calculator to display correctly in live analysis.SP7
FixedIssues with capturing state changes in complex lines.SP7
FixedIssue where analysis results are incorrect and exceptions appear in the gateway log when nested groups cell groups exist for a line.SP6
FixedAnalysis Is Short Stop data point.SP5
FixedIssue in analysis of elapsed, runtime, downtime and unplanned downtime values are not correct when Include Children setting is used.SP5
FixedUpdated the 'Track Progress By' in the MESOperationsDefinition when it is changed in the production MESOperationSegment.SP5
ImprovedTask Routing performance.SP4
FixedDowntime state not recognized for cell group if cells are blocked.SP3

Issue of incorrect end times for overlapping downtime events when using Initial or Parallel downtime detection methods.

FixedIncorrect OEE counts for production run crossing shift changes.SP2
FixedIssue where system.mes.getTagCollectorItemList() script function generated an error.SP1
FixedAnalysis OEE Counts begin zeroed out when comparing shift or other items not related to the operation UUID.SP1
ImprovedAdded optional filter settings to live analysis.SP1
FixedIncorrect begin time for downtime event if downtime event originated inside a cell group. This also fixed the starved or blocked for unknown reasons when the originating state was set back to run before a starved or blocked state occurs.full
FixedIssue with system.mes.oee.endCellChangeover script function not working correctly.full
FixedIssue where the OEE Time Chart date range was not updating correctly when the Run Look Back Count is greater than 0. full
FixedIncorrect OEE Reject count when infeed - outfeed method is being used and outfeed counts are greater than the infeed counts. full
FixedIssue with MES Object Editor mode selection not updating correctly.full
FixedHigh analysis query count.RC4
FixedIssue where grouping by Operation Sequence for an indexing pair of runs causes some counts to be lost.RC4
FixedIssue where the analysis will return runtime times as 0 for a start and end period if the end time of analysis falls outside the end time of the run.RC4
FixedSlow response of OEE Timing Chart component and increasing client memory usage over time if continuously displayed with the same line selection with continuous state changes.RC4
FixedUnknown reason appearing in OEE Downtime table component and analysis for downtime reasons that are contained in equipment state classes.RC4
FixedIssue where Is Short Stop analysis data point throws an exception in logs when a run doesn't have any downtime events.RC4
AddedAbility to override downtime reasons at the cell level.RC3
FixedOverriding and splitting downtime reasons.RC3
FixedA bug preventing splitting downtime events after changing the equipment in the Downtime TableRC3
FixedCertain null pointer errors having to do with DowntimeRC3
FixedOEE Equipment Manager component is slow to load with a large production model.RC2
FixedIssue where Non-String type of additional factors threw exceptions in analysis.RC1
FixedNegative state code from showing on OEE Timing Chart components. Also, added tooltip extension function to OEE Timing Chart component. RC1
FixedIssue where the analysis filter value was being limited to 256 characters in the MES Analysis Selector component.RC1
ImprovedAdd Line Downtime Event Sequence data point to the Analysis Selector.RC1

Track & Trace Module

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Change_TypeChange Logrev
FixedNow the lot filter status is correctly being assigned values from the MES Object Editor.SP5
FixedIssue where WIP table bindings could occasionally switch to the results for a different piece of equipment momentarily.SP5
FixedException that can happen when adding a large number of sub-lots. SP3
FixedFixed issue where if a downstream operation consumes an active lot as an infeed material, an exception is thrown if the upstream operation ends before the downstream operation.RC1
FixedFixed issue that prevented a segment from being executed if its material complex property has a lot equipment reference that points to an equipment class of supplemental equipment.RC1

SPC Module

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Change_TypeChange Logrev
FixedSample Definition Count reverted to 1 for Sample Defined with Count = 2.SP3
FixedIssue where SPC measurement count error displayed the incorrect maximum measurement count of 25 instead of 500.RC2

Web Services Module

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Change_TypeChange Logrev
FixedFixed a bug that SSL redirection doesn't work with the HTTP POST method.2.9.6 SP2
FixedFixed a bug that caused Web Service providers to malfunction on a small subset of systems.2.9.6 SP1
ImprovedAllow HTTP DELETE method to send a HTTP body.2.9.6 full
ImprovedSupport for handling nested WSDLs.2.9.6 full

Bug that the script function does not support sending a payload which is an array.

2.9.5 SP1
ImprovedSupport the RPC-oriented operation for SOAP consumers.2.9.5 full
FixedAdjust Line numbers of the Script Editors in REST/SOAP providers.2.9.5 full
ImprovedSupport SSL authentication for Consumers.2.9.4 full
ImprovedSupport XML attributes for SOAP consumers/providers.2.9.3 full
ImprovedSupport to set custom HTTP headers for REST/SOAP providers.2.9.3 full
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