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This space is exclusively for MES 1.0 version. For module downloads and release notes regarding MES 2.0 version, visit


Installers and release notes detailing the new features and fixes that have been implemented can be found in this section.


The Sepasoft MES module Software Development Lifecycle follows a Beta - > Release Candidate -> Full Release -> Service Pack.

  • Beta version means that it has not yet been through our Test / QA process and is not to be used in a production environment. We provide this version as an opportunity for end users to use in a development environment and in rare cases to fix a critical bug in production.
  • Release Candidate version has passed through our Test / QA process and is considered to be stable enough to be used in development and production.
  • Full Release version follows the Release Candidate version and may include any minor fixes reported or found.
  • Service Pack consists of minor updates to the Full Release version.
  • Long Term Support is the version that we support for a longer period of time.

The Trace, OEE, Recipe and SPC modules require the installation of Production module. All the modules must be in the same version!

MES 1.0 Platform

Our original platform and base for the OEE 1.0 module.

MES Module VersionDescriptionRequired Ignition VersionDate ReleasedBuild Number
1.9.5 SP4MES 1.0 Service Pack Release (SP4)7.9.59/7/2018b1809071227
1.8.5 SP4

MES 1.0 Service Pack Release (SP4)

1.7.9MES 1.0 Long Term Support (LTS)7.7.x

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