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This object is used as a base object for all complex object property objects such as Material Resource Property, Personnel Resource Property, Equipment Resource Property, which are themselves used and detailed in the Process Segment reference, the Segment Dependency Property (which is detailed in the Operations Definition reference) and the Lot Reference Property (which is detailed in the Response Segment reference).

Complex Properties are predefined and vary based on the type of MES object. They are called complex properties because they have a number of members and there can be multiple instances for a given complex property type. A Process Segment to mix dressing will have multiple material references. Each one will be an instance of a Material complex property. Even more complex is the Lot complex property used by the Response Segment for mixing dressing, because there will be multiple lots for each input material each with their own complex property base name. Then, if an input material lot is used up during production and switched over to another input lot, then there will be multiple instances for the same input lot reference.

An example will help clarify this concept. If we are mixing dressing which requires vinegar that is coming from Lot 123 in vinegar tank 1, then there will be an instance of a Lot complex property for it. This complex property has a name to reference it by, and in this example we will call it "Ingredient Vinegar". Then during production of mixing dressing, we run out of vinegar in tank 1 and we switch over to vinegar tank 2. Vinegar tank 2 contains Lot 234 so there will be another Lot complex property for it with the same name "Ingredient Vinegar". Now there are two Lot complex properties that are referenced by the same name "Ingredient Vinegar". Behind the scenes, the names are modified with a post fix. As a result the Lot complex property for Lot 123 will be named "Ingredient Vinegar-1" and the one for Lot 234 will be named "Ingredient Vinegar-2". This is referred to as extended naming. Each will hold complete details of when the lot start and when it finished, quantity, etc.

Refer to the Process SegmentOperations DefinitionOperations SegmentOperations Response and Response Segment for more details about the different types of complex properties.

Object Creation

All MES Objects have the function getComplexProperty() and createComplexProperty() that will return this object.

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Code Example
Code Snippet
#load the MES object
mesObject = system.mes.loadMESObject('Unload Vinegar', 'ProcessSegment')
#Get complex property
matRef = mesObject.getComplexProperty('Material', 'Raw Material')
print matRef.getValue('MaterialUse')
Code Snippet
#Create and add complex property using script
#Create a new process segment
seg = system.mes.createMESObject('ProcessSegment')
#Create and add a new material reference complex property to the segment
seg.createComplexProperty('Material', 'Vinegar')
#Do more stuff...
#Save the new object

Code Snippet
#Read all complex properties and print them
#Read process segment MES object named Mix Dressing
mesObject = system.mes.loadMESObject('Mix Dressing', 'ProcessSegment')
#Get all available complex property types and cycle through them
list = mesObject.getComplexPropertyTypeNames()
for i in range(list.size()):
    complexPropType = list.get(i)
	#Get the number of entries for the current complex property type and cycle through them and print the name
    cnt = mesObject.getComplexPropertyCount(complexPropType)
    for j in range(cnt):
        complexProp = mesObject.getComplexProperty(complexPropType, j)
        print complexProp.getName()

Object Functions

Complex Property Functions

This object is not derived from the MESAbstractObject and therefore does not inherit its functions or properties.

Naming Characters Allowed

Names must begin with a letter, digit or underscore. Subsequent characters may also include spaces and dashes. The following characters are not allowed:

ObjectCharacters not allowed
Production Equipment. ? ! # % ^ * ~ [ ] { } + = ` \, @ & ( ) < >
MES Person. ? ! # % ^ * ~ [ ] { } + = ` \/ " $ | < >
All other MES Objects. ? ! # % ^ * ~ [ ] { } + = ` \/ " $ | ,

Object Properties

Complex Property Properties

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