MES 3.0

The Sepasoft Barcode Scanner module is a utility module allowing the use of barcode scanning capabilities to facilitate material handling. User can also scan badges to sign off on materials, Master Production Records, Batch Production Records and other production tasks. The module also includes the ability to hide manufacturing records not in use. It also allows customers to include their own logos.

Overall, the barcode scanner device interacts with Ignition in the same manner as a USB keyboard. It feeds the raw string (that includes the scanned barcode's digits) into Ignition as if someone typed it in.


Sepasoft Barcode Scanner module uses system.barcode.scanner functions for scripting.

Barcode Scanner only works in Client

The  Barcode Scanner  component can only interface with a USB-based scanner device from a launched Client. The module does  not  work properly in  Preview Mode  in the Ignition Designer. 

Refer to Knowledge Base article Configuring the Barcode Scanner for a sample project.

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