Use Unit Class Manager to:

  • Create a set of Phases for Unit Functionality: When authoring recipes, you add a Unit Class to a Unit Procedure or Operation to define the set of phases available for use. This functionality facilitates one-to-many configuration for equipment units.
  • Organize phases

Adding Unit Class Manager to a View in Ignition

By default, Built-In Phases are available in Unit Class Manager to include in classes. If you want your own phases to show up here, make sure to build them first in Phase Manager.

  • In Ignition, with a Perspective View active in the Project Browser, go to the Perspective Component Palette and add the Batch Unit Class Manager component to the design space.

No additional configuration is required to start adding Phases to Unit Classes. See below on this page for more information.

Component Properties

There are no specific configuration properties for Unit Class Manager.

Meta Property


Using Unit Class Manager to Group Phases

Once the component is added to a Perspective view, you can start adding phases.

Batch Unit Class

Tool Bar

Plus icon: Use to add Units Classes.

Pencil icon: Use to edit Unit Classes. Select a Unit Class in the design space and click Edit.

Trash icon: Use to delete Unit Classes and Phases within classes.

Delete phases only from the phase where it was added. You can not delete a phase that has been inherited, See about inheritance below.

Export icon: Use to generate an XML file to save as a project asset.

Import icon: Use to bring in an XML file to build unit classes.

Design Space

This is where you create a Unit Class and then add Phases from the Phase Palette.

Unit Class Inheritance: To inherit phases, select a unit class and then click the plus icon to add the child unit class. 

The color Blue denotes phases that have been added to a specific unit class and have not been inherited.

The color Dark Gray denotes phases that have been inherited.

Search: Use to search for Unit Classes.

Phase Palette

Contains the list of Built-In Phases.

Contains the phases created in the project.

Below are the phases that have been created for the example chocolate confections production for documentation:

Search: Use to search for phases. Search results provide all occurrences of a word within a phase. To clear search, remove the search term and the Phase Palette lists the existing phases.