When you create a phase, you can select to expose the phase to the tag engine. Exposing a phase to the tag engine creates  User-Defined Tag (UDT) members. These tags are displayed in the Ignition Tag Browser. The tag values between an Ignition Gateway device connection and UDT members are populated in real-time.

The type (brand and model) of a device dictates the format of the phase names.

Configuring OPC Item Paths

You can globally connect equipment phases to equipment devices (PLC mapping) by using parameterizing OPC Item Paths.

Required for this step:

  • Phases and Unit Classes are assigned to equipment units.
  • Phase parameter property is set to OPC

Naming Convention

To facilitate parameterized configuration, make sure that the equipment phase names and the phases you create in Batch, match. AND that Phase Names are Unique in Batch.

In Phase Manager:

  • Verify that the phase parameter that you want to connect has the Value Source set to OPC.

In Ignition Designer:

  • In Designer, navigate to Tag Browser.
  • Select MES from the dropdown list. Then navigate to the UDT Definitions tab.

Notice the phases that you created are listed under UDT Definitions.

A parameter property Value Source is set to OPC, below. phase has an OPC Item Path that accessed from the Tag Browser.

The steps below show you how to set the OPC Item Path globally for all phases with OPC Tags with the same name that maps to any number of equipment units by substituting the levels in the path with parameters: Parameterized OPC Item Paths.

  • Navigate to Value > OPC Item Path.

  •  Click Link > Edit.

On the right, click the curly brackets and follow the path below for substitution:


  • Click Commit and OK .

  • Save project.

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