MES 3.0

Ignition Set Up for Development with the Batch Procedure and Document Modules

Batch Procedure runs on Ignition 8.1 and Perspective components only.

Before going through these steps you must have Ignition installed, see Inductive Automation for details.

Set Up: 1


Set Up: 2

Gateway Configuration

Set Up: 3

Ignition Project Configuration

Default Credentials: admin/password

Set up Data & Devices:

  • Database Connections
  • Equipment Device Connections

See > MES Platform 3.0 Stable Release

  • Batch Procedure Module Download
  • Document Management Module Download
  • Production Module Download

Set Up Database Connections

  • Create Database Connection
  • Runtime Database and Analysis Database - single DB

Set User Source Profile

  • Default

Set OPC Connections

  • For Development: use Device Connections with simulator

Import Starter Project

Set Project Properties

  • General > Tag Settings > Default Provider > MES

  • General > Database Settings

  • Designer > Comm Mode Read/Write

Project Image Assets:

Batch and Procedure icon.svg

batch and procedure text.svg

sepasoft white landscape.svg