MES 3.0

Making a change to a recipe value that is used in numerous recipes is a daunting task and is prone to mistakes. To address this problem the Recipe module uses the concept of master and descendant (child) recipes.

The image shows one master recipe and two descendant recipes that are derived from the Master Blend recipe. When the descendant recipe is added, all recipe values will be inherited from the master recipe. When a value is changed in a descendant recipe, it will override the value from the master recipe with the new value as shown in the image below for the Agitator Speed and Ingredient 2 recipe values.

There can be any number of levels of master recipes and any number of descendants of a master recipe. Any recipe that has descendants is considered a master recipe. Consider a master recipe called Master 1 that has a descendant that is called Master 1-A that has a descendant called Final 1-A-A. Then recipes Master 1 and Master 1-A are both master recipes and recipe Final 1-A-A is a final recipe. Only final recipes can be selected for a production line, cell, cell group or location. See Selecting Recipes for more information.

Master Recipe

One aspect that is not shown in the image is that the master recipe can inherit its values from the default values of the associated production item. Default values can be assigned to the production item, which is added to a recipe so the recipe inherits from the default values, then the descendant recipes inherit from the master recipe and so on. That is until a recipe value is overridden somewhere along the inheritance chain. See Default Recipe Values and Sub Recipes for more information.

When a value is changed in the master recipe, it is propagated down to the descendant recipes. As shown in the image below, the Mix Time recipe value is changed to 21 and the Creamy Blend and Thick Blend recipes also reflect the new value.

Master Recipe Value Change

It is very easy to add descendant recipes. Create a new recipe called Master Recipe. Make sure to select the production items Line 1 and Filler. Set the recipe values for the master recipe. To add a descendant simply right click on the Descendants folder and select Add Recipe.

Give the descendant recipe a name like Recipe 1. Configure a second recipe called Recipe 2. Now we have 2 descendants. You can expand the descendants to specify the recipe values. If you modify a value in the descendant it will set the Assigned By to the descendant like Recipe 1.

Naming Characters Allowed

Names must begin with a letter, digit or underscore. Subsequent characters may also include spaces and dashes. The following characters are not allowed:

ObjectCharacters not allowed
Production Equipment. ? ! # % ^ * ~ [ ] { } + = ` \, @ & ( ) < >
MES Person. ? ! # % ^ * ~ [ ] { } + = ` \/ " $ | < >
All other MES Objects. ? ! # % ^ * ~ [ ] { } + = ` \/ " $ | ,

At any time you can right click on a recipe value and revert the value. This will set the value back to the parent.

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