The type of production analysis that can be performed will be based on the production data that is collected. In OEE Downtime, production data is captured 24/7 regardless of whether a run is scheduled or started in the MES application. The source of the data collected is dependent upon how it has been configured.

Shift Information

Shift information is automatically derived based on the shift configuration for the production line. Refer to Shift Configuration for more details.

Production Counts

Production counts are captured through the use of MES counters and can be collected for the line and cells within the line. Refer to MES Counters for more details.

Equipment Mode and Status

The status of a production line and cells within that line are captured through a tag collector path configured in the production model. Refer to Equipment Modes and States and Equipment Modes and States for more details.

Schedule Information

Information about scheduled runs is automatically stored whenever the OEE Run Director or MES Schedule View component is used to control a scheduled run. 

Downtime Information and User Notes

The OEE Downtime Table provides a method for a user to modify the cause of line and cell downtime events on a line, and allows for operator notes to be entered regarding downtime events. Downtime notes can also be entered by providing a tag to the downtime note tag collector in the production model. Refer to Downtime Note for more details.

Additional Factors

Additional factors allow you to capture any other type of data that you wish to analyse along with the production data. Refer to Additional Factors for more details.

Configuration Information

Data regarding the equipment or material configuration, such as downtime detection method, key cell, standard rate etc., is automatically stored from the configuration information setup for the equipment and material. Refer to Equipment Configuration for more details on how to configure equipment. Refer to Product Definition Configuration for more details on how to setup materials.

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