MES 3.0

The Sepasoft Batch Procedure system is a low-code tool for developing flexible production control.

Developed with the standards defined in:

  • ISA88: Batch Control and

  • ISA106: Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations

Batch Recipe Workflows

A batch recipe consists of a logical sequence of phases. Batch Procedure provides phases that you can use to author recipes for workflows, such as the document phase, e-Signature template, value prompt to name the most common.

You can build recipes using visual web-based editors as well as with scripting. A phase element in the batch system is the smallest unit of work effort. Equipment phases link up with PLC-driven equipment. Document phases can be used for manufacturing procedures, capturing data and displaying information. 

Standards and Design Best-Practices support Maintenance and Development

Tasks become naturally organized into recipe authoring and equipment phase configuration, which can bring more skills to the project as recipe authors and control systems engineers specialize in their independent roles.

Batch Procedure separates product definitions and recipes/procedures  from production equipment capabilities providing the flexibility to: 

  • Make multiple products with the same equipment.
  • Use different equipment to produce the same product.

What is a phase?

A phase is a building block. Phases can define materials, procedural parameters and equipment parameters. You can reuse building blocks across recipes and procedures.


Equipment Phase Parameters

  • Output Parameters:  Come from Ignition tags under a unit and go to the control component.
  • Input Parameters:  Come from the control component and go to the Ignitions tags for a unit in Ignition.