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How to display the list of BAPIs and/or RFMs that are called internally to populate the BAPI Hierarchical and Alphabetical views

Step-by-step guide


  1. 1 ) Call SWO_QUERY_OBJTYPES to return a list of all Business Object types, along with their names and descriptions.
    1. Set the RELEASED Import parameter to X (X is True in SAP) to only return Released objects.
  1. 2) Call RPY_BOR_TREE_INIT to return the top-level tree structure.
    • in FILTER_OBJECT_TYPES Import parameter
      • Set the RELEASED field to X to only return Released
      • Set the ALLOBJTYPS field to X
    • in FILTER_MISCELLANEOUS Import parameter
      • Set COMPHIER to X
  • in FILTER_RELATIONSHIPS Import parameter
    • Set the ALLRELSHIP field to X to populate the “EXPANDABLE” field within the BOR_TREE Export parameter, so we know which nodes need to be expandable.
    • Add a new row within the OBJECT_TYPE_ID_SET Table parameter for each Object Type returned from the call in (1).
  1. 3) for each Object Type Call SWO_QUERY_METHODS.
    1. Set OBJTYPE to an Object Type within the node.