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You want to highlight specific Events in the Downtime Table or change the Default color for Equipment State in the OEE Time Chart

Step-by-step guide

  1. For OEE Downtime Table use (Enable) the Component Scripting Function configureCell with code like:

    	if colName == 'Reason':
    		if value == 'Deeper':
    			return {'background': '#FF8C00'}
    		elif value == 'E-Stop Pulled':			
    			return {'background': '#FD1800'}		

  2. For OEE Time Chart use (Enable) Scripting Function getStateColor 

    (in this example the State Disabled default (DARK) color is changed to ORANGE)

    Alternatively you can import the following OEE DTT Color Change 7912.proj that has these example and Functions enabled as described

OEE Downtime Table

OEE Time Chart