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You want to duplicate an Analysis from system a development system, for example, to your QA or Production System

using information from


MES Analysis Settings

Step-by-step guide

  1. on the source system execute the following in the Script Console

    savedSettingsName = '<Analysis Name>'
    AnalysiSettings = system.mes.analysis.getMESAnalysisSettings(savedSettingsName)
    print AnalysiSettings
    DataPoint = AnalysiSettings.getDataPointList()
    FilterBy = AnalysiSettings.getFilterExpression()
    GroupBy = AnalysiSettings.getGroupByList()
    OrderBy = AnalysiSettings.getOrderByList()
    SettingsValues = AnalysiSettings.getSettingValues()
    print ("Data Point %s"  %(DataPoint))
    print ("Filter By  [%s]" %(FilterBy))
    print ("Group By   %s" %(GroupBy))
    print ("Order By   %s" %(OrderBy))
    print ("Settings   [%s]" %(SettingsValues))

  2. you can now collect the information from the output and use it to construct your Analysis using 
    system.mes.analysis.createMESAnalysisSettings() ++
    as explained in this KB
    OEE Downtime Table via Analysis Selector (or Controller)