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You want to create an Operation that will start Automatically when Scheduled

Step-by-step guide

This is for OEE 2.0

  1. Using the Material Manager, create a new Material (or modify an existing Material accordingly)

  2. Use the Object Editor to check your Operation Definition 
    right click on Operation Definition and select Edit Settings

    add a Trigger Operation Begin with the  sign 


    Edit the _CO segment (Changeover) in the same fashion (right click → Edit Settings)
    and make sure that Auto is selected


  3. In this example, I am using MES Schedule Selector and MES Schedule View stock components 
    right click on the Schedule View Time Line and select New Entry

    in the drawer that appears 
     in this example, I selected <none> for Work Order and I am using Duration

  4. at the Scheduled Time (or different if you drag the entry in the MES Schedule View Time Line) 
    this Operation will start and end Automatically