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How to Create a Schedule a Maintenance Operation

Step-by-step guide

please follow these Steps.
you can skip adding the Trigger Operation Begin if you do not wish for this Operation to Start Automatically on Schedule.
you will then have to right click in the MES Schedule Selector and select "Begin Operation" (in step 7)

  1. Operation details using the MES Object Editor → Segment Operations

  2. Use these Settings to ensure Automatic Start on Schedule 

    First, Operation Definition (right click Edit)

    and Save

  3. Second, Operation Segment

    Select the Equipment this Operation will run on 

    and make sure to expand the to the Cells underneath the Line to use the same Mode (here Maintenance)
    or another Mode that makes sense in your Operation

  4. Caution, must make sure to modify the Trigger Begin to select Auto !!

    and Save

  5. (now) Schedule Operation

  6. Operation details 


  7. Result in MES Schedule Selector and Schedule View

  8. Note the Maintenance Status and the Active State

  9. As seen in the OEE Time Chart to expand the Line 

MES Schedule View
Maintenance Operations Management