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You have copied and pasted items in the Material Manager and renamed the Material while they were assigned Equipment ...

Later you attempt to remove/delete the said Material and get this popup 


This is a known issue still under investigation

  1. find the MaterialRefUUID 
    SELECT * FROM MESMaterialDef where name = '<Material Name> '

  2. find the "faulty" Operation still "holding" the Material in the Material Out  section of Production Segment

    SELECT * FROM MESEquipment INNER JOIN MESEquipmentProperty
    ON MESEquipmentProperty."EquipmentRefUUID"= MESEquipment."MESEquipmentUUID"
    INNER JOIN MESMaterialProperty ON MESMaterialProperty."MESObjectUUID"= MESEquipmentProperty."MESObjectUUID"
    INNER JOIN MESOperationsSegment ON MESOperationsSegment."MESOperationsSegmentUUID"= MESEquipmentProperty."MESObjectUUID"
    INNER JOIN MESObjectLink ON MESObjectLink."MESObjectUUID"= MESEquipment."MESEquipmentUUID" AND MESObjectLink."ParentMESObjectUUID"= ''
    WHERE MESMaterialProperty."MaterialRefUUID"= '<MaterialRefUUID found in 1.>'
    AND MESEquipment."EquipmentPath"LIKE '%' ESCAPE '\' AND MESEquipmentProperty."Enable"= 1 AND MESEquipment."Enabled"= 1 AND MESMaterialProperty."Enable"= 1 AND MESOperationsSegment."Enabled"= 1

  3. you can now use the Object Editor to remove the "faulty" Operation

  4. you can now remove the Material w/o the annoying popup

This is Enterprise 3.79 RC1