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A situation where changing a Downtime a reason in the OEE Downtime Table triggers the same change in the previous event seems like a bug
but it is in fact a normal behavior IF the original event occurred at the end of a previous run AND was not cleared before the current run started

Applies To and Version Info

Platform 2.0

Details & Screenshots

Example with screenshots and step by step

1) Run A is started

2) Downtime event occurs on Cell X

3) Run A is stopped, Downtime Event was not cleared. i.e the Run is stopped and the Line is still down.

4) Run B is started, Line is still down, the OEE DT Table is set for Run Look Back = 0 and the Time window is across Run A and Run B

notice how you have 2 events although it really is the continuation of the same

5) Event is cleared, Line is up

6) Any of the event downtime reason is changed, it changes both entries because they are in fact the same unique event

How to deal with this?
option 1) you can split the original Downtime reason, then you can change it
option 2) you can make sure that you set your equipment back to running BEFORE the Line goes to Idle


in the Value Editor, for that Line, that Time frame, you will find the following

 -2,147,483,648 and negative downtime reason value
the first number is to indicate there was a Split and the second number is to show which downtime reason was Split.


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