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You want to run an Analysis for, for example, quarterly OEE for an Equipment and combine the result in one Table.

at the moment there is no Data Point to Filter By for Quarterly period

You can use 4 Analysis Controllers and use this KB Merge (identical) Power Tables into one

to combine into one (Power) Table

Step-by-step guide

  1. Import the attached Ignition >= 7.9.17 Window into your Designer

    Quarterly with Controllers 7917.proj

  2. Create the following Analysis to go with this Window 

    you will have to repeat 3 times and change the names (Quarterly Analysis Q2, Quarterly Analysis Q3, Quarterly Analysis Q4)
    and Shift Month of Year accordingly

    analysis_setting = system.mes.analysis.createMESAnalysisSettings("Quarterly Analysis Q1")
    Datapoints = [
    			"Equipment Name","OEE","OEE Availability","OEE Performance","OEE Quality","Shift Month Text"
    analysis_setting.setFilterExpression("Equipment Path = @eqPath AND( Shift Month of Year = 0  OR Shift Month of Year = 1 OR Shift Month of Year = 2 )")
    analysis_setting.setGroupBy("Shift Month Text")
    analysis_setting.setOrderBy("Shift Month Text")