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Problem#1 Using Custom Theme

You are using a Custom Theme in a (for example) OEE Downtime Time Chart.

The Display is incomplete for example showing blank empty spaces where the Line Status should appear

in this example, none of the Cell Status are displayed, 
true in Designer and Browser more


add our MES css rules to the Custom Theme you are using

@import "./sepasoft-light/index.css";
@import "./light-<your Custom theme>/index.css";

How to collect information that will help us help you?

load the project, press F12 to bring up the developer console, go to the network tab, then refresh the project.
That will generate a list of all the requests and time it took.
You can right click that and save as a HAR file that we can then look at to determine what is slow.

collect the Console Log and send the trace in a text file (easier to search for our Development Team)

collect GW Logs information relevant to the problem