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You want to pre fill the MES Object Selector with an Equipment Path 

Step-by-step guide

for 7.9.X or 8.0.X

use Event Handlers → InternalFrame → InternalFrameActivated Scripting function at the Window level

#caution: eqPath must be in the form that exclude '[global]\'
#eqPath = eqPath.replace('[global]\\','')
#eqPath = '<Enteprise>\<Site>\<Area>\<Line>'
eqPath = '[global]\Nuts Unlimited\Folsom\Packaging\Packaging Line 1'
eqPath = eqPath.replace('[global]\\','')

objSelector = system.gui.getParentWindow(event).getComponentForPath('Root Container.MES Object Selector')
delay = False
if not objSelector.isIncludeMESLineObjects():
    delay = True
if not objSelector.isShowEquipmentPath():
    delay = True
def setName():
system.util.invokeLater(setName, 1000 if delay else 0)

you can also use the attached window for 7.9.12

populate MES Selector 7912.proj

for Ignition 8.X