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If you had a Trace Graph with too many fans for any given Lot, you could hit a Timeout trying to display ..

you will find in your log something like:
[MESBackgroundTask-1] ERROR com.sepasoft.trace.rpc.TraceRPCProxy -
Failed: getLotTraceByLotUUID 
com.inductiveautomation.ignition.client.gateway_interface.GatewayException: Read timed out

The attached window and objetcs (UDT and script) will help you show in a Table how complex your Lot is bypassing the Trace Graph Timeout

Applies To and Version Info



Import the window "win LotTraceAnalysis.proj"

In your Global Script Library import "global_LotTraceScript.proj"

In your Tag Browser, Import the UDT "GWLotTraceUDT.xml" then create Tag using the Data Type Instance using that UDT



The Tag "Processing" in the UDT acts a a Tag Events triggering the Script 

and the Script code is

def doLotTraceAnalysis(tagPath):
	##tagPath will look like this: '[default]GWLotTrace/LotTrace/Processing'
	log = system.util.getLogger('shared.LotTrace.LotTraceAnalysis.doLotTraceAnalysis')
	baseTagPath = tagPath.replace('Processing', '')

	start =
	system.tag.write(baseTagPath + 'TraceAnalysisBegin', start)

	lotName = + 'LotName').value
	lotUUID = + 'LotUUID').value
	log.warn("%s, %s, %s" %(baseTagPath, lotName, lotUUID))
	maxFanCount = 100
	detailMode = True
	ldDS = system.mes.getLotTraceByLotUUID(lotUUID, '', maxFanCount, detailMode)
	ignDS = ldDS.toIgnitionDataset()
	system.tag.write(baseTagPath + 'LotTrace', ignDS)

	system.tag.write(tagPath, False)
	end =
	system.tag.write(baseTagPath + 'TraceAnalysisEnd', end)
	elapsed = (end.getTime() - start.getTime()) / 1000.0 
	system.tag.write(baseTagPath + 'ElapsedSecs', elapsed)
	return tagPath


Obtaining Material Lot Inventory

Track and Trace Implementation Tips

Win LotTraceAnalysis.projglobal_LotTraceScript.projGWLotTraceUDT.xml

(Scripts and UDT courtesy of Pete L.)


Lots, Trace Graph, Timeout

Track and Trace

Configuration, Lot. Lot UUID, Lot Name

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