you want to read the logs from the .idb dump
i.e you did this 

and that created a file in the form of <Gateway Name>_Ignition_logs_<date>-<time>.idb

you downloaded DB Browser SqLite  to read this file but it looks like this only to find that it is not really fun to decipher mostly because of the
Epoch Time conversion issue (use if you really, really want to go that way)

open the file

goto the Browse Data tab

now you'd have to use the Epoch Time Converter to read the timestmp field .. 


use the following SQL Queries

Create 3 instance windows. The first one returns the event_id that you can use in the other two.

-- Returns the logger with the date time formatted correct
-- to adjust the date to the clients timezone enter the hours offset
-- to the parameter 'x hours' in the datetime function
SELECT `event_id` , datetime(`timestmp`/1000, 'unixepoch', 'localtime', '0 hours') as eventTime, (`timestmp` % 1000) as ms
FROM `logging_event`
--where `logger_name` like ('%%')
ORDER BY `timestmp` DESC
LIMIT 0, 50000;

-- returns the exception associated with the event_id
SELECT `_rowid_`,*
--SELECT trace_line
FROM `logging_event_exception`
WHERE event_id=14863953
ORDER BY `event_id` DESC,`_rowid_`;
-- returns extended information for the event_id
SELECT `_rowid_`,*
FROM `logging_event_property`
WHERE event_id=14863953
ORDER BY `_rowid_` ASC;