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java.lang.Exception: [Equipment_Count] Counter (<CounterName>  row for equipment ([global]\<Enterprise>\<Site>\<Area>\<Line>\<Cell Counter Tag>)
and timestamp of (<TimeStamp>) cannot be inserted because it already exists.

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This message usually point to an issue with the store rate on your MES counters.
By default, those are set to zero. That is meant for counts that come infrequently.

You must keep in mind that any Analysis that you will run on this Equipment will ONLY return data to the minute, this is the lowest granularity you can get
from Analysis Controller or Selector.

If your PLC is sending data to this Tag every 15", you can set the Store Rate to 15", relieve the load on your system and use Tag History to collect the information
you want up, or down in this case, to the PLC frequency.

Please check all of your MES counters and consider giving them at minimum a 30-60 second store rate.

If your counters are already set as such, consider looking for any scripts that may be writing to tags.

There may be more than one writing to the same tag.  


Possible workaround w/o restarting Production Module:

If we couldn't insert at the last time it changed (Thu Aug 19 04:13:58 for example) and the Tag hasn't changed since then,
our software will just keep logging the error until the tag does change..

Suggestion to use the Value Editor and insert after the most recent count.
The inserted value can be the same as the most recent value so it is a 0 count difference




Tag Collector Types



Configuration, Scheduling, Run-control-and-Monitoring: Adjusting-OEE-Run-values or Adjusting-Production-count, Analysis-and-reports, Production-data, MES Counters, Tag, Store Rate

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