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  1. Download AWS Workspace Client, or use web access. 
  2. Utilize access credentials from course instructor.
  3. Open a web browser and access the Gateway Webpage.
  4. Confirm DB and MES Settings.
  5. Launch simple project in Designer.
  6. Orientation to Project and MES resources (Scripts, Scripting, Components, DB, Enterprise, etc.)
  7. Configure Rudimentary Tags
    1. Appropriate Hierarchy
    2. UDT Usage as interface layer, rapid scaling
  8. Configure Equipment in the Production Model (for Module versions 2.9.x)

  9. UI Driven Approach [01_SPC_UI Folder]
    1. Configure "Configuration" Page.  [01_Configuration]
      1. Equipment Manager Component
        1. Creating Equipment
      2. Sample Manager Component
        1. Configuring Samples
      3. Apply navigation/control scheme as appropriate
    2. Review MES Objects/ISA-95 in the MES Object Editor
    3. Configure a Manual Sample Collection Page [02_Production Control]
      1. MES Object Selector
      2. Sample Entry Component
      3. Update Sample Button Script
    4. Configure a Control Chart Page [03_Analysis]
      1. MES Object Selector
      2. SPC Control Chart
    5. Configure SPC Driven Dashboard [04_Reporting]
      1. MES Object Selector
      2. SPC Control Charts
  10. Review UI Approach, Q&A

  11. Tag Driven Approach [02_SPC_Tags]
    1. Configure a new Line using the Equipment Manager [01_Configuration]
      1. Configure one or more tags for Tag Sample Collectors
    2. Trigger Tag Changes and Confirm Sample Collection/Approval [02_Production Control]
    3. Configure a Control Chart Page [03_Analysis]
      1. MES Object Selector
      2. SPC Control Chart
    4. Configure Ignition Alarms Based on SPC Data [04_Reporting]
      1. Create Alarms on Relevant Tags
      2. Build simple dashboard with Alarm Tags/Alarm Table/Alarm Journal
  12. Review Tag Driven Approach, Q&A

  13. Script Driven Approach [03_SPC_Scripting]
    1. Create Sample Definition via Script [01_Configuration]
    2. Collect Sample via Script [02_Production Control]
    3. Return Analysis via Script [03_Analysis]
      1. Create new Control Signal
    4. Build PDF Report with SPC Data [04_Reporting]
      1. Ignition Reporting Module
      2. SPC Analysis Results
  14. Review Script Driven Approach, Q&A
  15. MES Enterprise Feature set Demo, Q&A
  16. Integration and Architecture Q&A
    1. Various Data Sources
    2. Task Routing
    3. MQTT/IIoT
    4. Other MES Modules
    5. Other Systems
    6. Ignition 8.0 + Perspective
  17. Course Survey/Review
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