You have a Line with a large number of Cell Group(s) or Cell(s) and you want to mass change the Equipment Class assignment.

The Equipment Manager will work just great for a small number of objects but click / change / save will definitely gets .. complicated 
when dealing with a large number of Equipment.

Step-by-step guide

Use the Following Script 

# Set root Equipment Path here
eqPath = '[global]\\<Enterprise>\\<Site>\\<Area>\\<Line>'
# Set State Class here
myEqStateClass = '<new Equipment Class to use>'

def set_state_uuid(saveList, equipmentObject, stateUUID):
	equipmentObject.setPropertyValue('EquipmentStateClassUUID', stateUUID)
	print 'Setting UUID (' + stateUUID + ') on equipment (' + equipmentObject.getName() +')'
	childLinks = equipmentObject.getChildCollection().values()
	for childLink in childLinks:
		childObj = childLink.getMESObject()
		if childObj.getMESObjectType().getStorageType().getName() == 'Equipment':
			set_state_uuid(saveList, childObj, stateUUID)
saveList = system.mes.object.list.createList()
stateClassLink = system.mes.getMESObjectLinkByName('EquipmentStateClass', myEqStateClass)
equipment = system.mes.loadMESObjectByEquipmentPath(eqPath)

set_state_uuid(saveList, equipment, stateClassLink.getMESObjectUUID())

Equipment States


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