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As of late October 2019, Sepasoft has updated its versioning scheme to be more intelligible and logical.

Because our system is based on the Ignition platform our software versioning format has the following pattern:


Release candidates (RCs) are available for download on our website, but are not LTS releases.  The RC versions will be removed once a new RC or a full (GA) release is available.

For example, if you have Sepasoft's Platform 2 modules installed on Ignition 8.0.5, you'll want to download the Sepasoft 2.80.0 modules.

Here is a table describing the 4 resultant sets of modules generated by this change:

MES Platform 2MES Platform 3Release Candidate

Ignition 7.9.x2.79.x3.79.xRCx
Ignition 8.0.x2.80.x3.80.xRCx
Ignition 8.1.x2.81.x3.82.xRCx

GA software will not have the RC designation

Some new products may be part of a beta program and will have the RC number replaced with "Beta X".  These versions are not downloadable from our web site and are only available to customers and SIs participating in the beta program.

We have reset all module versions to follow this pattern, but have made no changes to the underlying modules.

Here is a conversion table from some previous versions to the current version:

Old Version NumberNew Version Number
2.9.3 SP132.79.0
2.9.4 SP22.80.0
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