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Several MySQL defaults need to be changed in order to properly handle non-English characters.

Applies To and Version Info

MES 3.79.x and newer

Step-by-step Guide

In order to handle non-English characters, default character encoding settings need to be changed from Latin to utf8 and the collation setting needs to be changed to utf8_general_ci.

Change Settings in MySQL Workbench

  1. Open MySQL Workbench. Select the database.

  2. In the Server tab, select Status and User Variables.

  3. Select the System Variables tab. Scroll down to Other.

  4. Click Other and then change the six character_set settings and three collation settings to the values shown to the right (utf8 and utf8_general_ci, respectively).

  5. Close MySQL Workbench (there is no need to save).

Change Database Connections

  1. Open the gateway page. Navigate to Config → Databases → Connections.

  2. Edit the database used for MES and navigate to the Extra Connection Properties field.

  3. Append ;characterEncoding=utf8 to the end of the string (including the preceding semicolon).

  4. Click Save Changes.

For 3.79.x users, the steps are not complete. For 3.80.x and newer, complete the steps below.

Change JVM Arguments in the Design Launcher (3.8x only)

These steps are only required for 3.80.x and newer.

  1. Open the Design Launcher. Click on the three dots in the launcher box for your gateway and select Manage.

  2. In the JVM Arguments field, enter the following string (including the preceding dash):

  3. Click  when done.


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