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1) How to display {Equipment Path} ? 

using Script Console: 

2) {Equipment Path} is evaluated when tag collectors are validated. 
     Validation happens on module startup or after a project save. 
     At that time we do a separate validation on the provider for the tag path, and this has nothing to do with the {Equipment Path} parameter.
     If the tag path does not have a provider, we pre-pend the default tag provider for the global project in ignition 7.9 `[default]` 
     or the default tag provider for the MES configuration project in Ignition 8.0
     {"Equipment Path"}\state  → [default]Enterprise\Site\Area\Line\state
     [Another-Provider]{Equipment Path}\state  →  [Another-Provider]Enterprise\Site\Area\Line\state

3) Q: After the designer is closed, what happens when I restart the module in the gateway? 
     Does it remember which provider was the default provider, or does is pick the first provider in the list of providers in the gateway, or does it do something else? 

In Ignition 7.9 it uses the default provider of the "global" project.
     The global project is a special project that cannot be opened by itself, this project holds shared resources like shared scripts, templates,
     and the Sepasoft production module.
     At all times it uses the provider of the global project to determine what to use when one is not specified.
     If the default provider for the project is not defined, we use the one named `default`. This property is not editable in Ignition 7.9

     This all applies to Ignition 8.0 also, but we use the project defined by the user so changing the default tag provider can easily be done through the designer.

More example

      Nuts Unlimited/SiteOne/AreaThree/Line1/CG1/L1C1/Infeed

      1                      / 2          /3                /4       /5     /6     /Infeed

{Equipment Path:1} = Enterprise
{Equipment Path:2} = Site
{Equipment Path:3} = Area
{Equipment Path:4} = Line
{Equipment Path:5} = Cell or Cell Group or Location
{Equipment Path:6} = Cell if part of a Cell Group

Another example:

IOR is a UDT

for Nuts Unlimited/SiteOne/Cust/Van/VC1/IOR/Outfeed

{Equipment Path:1} = Nuts Unlimited
{Equipment Path:2} = SiteOne
{Equipment Path:3} =Cust
{Equipment Path:4} = Van
{Equipment Path:5} = VC1
{Equipment Path:6} = Cell if part of a Cell Group

{Equipment Path:1}/SiteOne/Cust/Van/VC1/IOR/Outfeed
{Equipment Path:1,2}/Cust/Van/VC1/IOR/Outfeed
{Equipment Path:1,3}/Van/VC1/IOR/Outfeed
{Equipment Path:1,4}/VC1/IOR/Outfeed
{Equipment Path:1,5}/IOR/Outfeed

Parameterized Tag Paths

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