You want to Exclude a Line from being displayed by the Equipment Selector

The Excluded Equipment Path Property just removes that part of the path from the displayed string, it doesn't filter the results.

The Alternative is to use an Equipment Class created and maintained in the Object Editor 
and Parent MES Object Filter Property from the MES Object Selector Component itself 

Step-by-step guide

Here are the Steps involved

  1. First Create an Equipment Class in the Object Editor
    let's name it OnlyTheseEquipment
    it will contain the list of Equipment YOU WANT TO DISPLAY for selection

    and drag the Equipment you want to see

  2. then in your MES Object Selector 
    select OnlyTheseEquipment in the Property Parent MES Object Filter

  3. Results should be like this

    in this example the Production Model was 

    so you can see that by adding "only" 

    Line2 was excluded from the MES Object Selector Dropdown

    you can use this small Vision Window from Ignition 8.1.3 with MES 3.81.1 SP3 that can be imported in your Designer

    Exclude in MES Selector 813 3811

    and this template in 7917 has the binding prepackaged
    LineEnh with Class exclude 7917.proj

    bind the Custom Property to an input Text field to restrict the Lines you want to see
    from the Class(es) you created as explained above

    this 7.9.17 Vision Window for Scheduled Work Orders displays all these features

    All Scheduled WOs 7917.proj

MES Object Selector