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This exercise is only meant to show how to use a Power Table to Filter on Downtime Event Duration.
From the scripting there, one can extrapolate to Filter on pretty much anything. 
However it must be understood that the Power Table is for "display only" because it has NONE of the capabilities of
a real OEE Downtime Table (changing event, splitting event..) 

Step-by-step guide

  1. The Top Container is your "control" Downtime Table. There is a:
    dynamic filter on Duration provided by the component.
    an highlighting of the Duration Values (taken from the Filter? value) done with Extension Function configureCell
    a nice PropertyChange script to resize the columns
  2. The Bottom Container is your OEE Downtime Table lookalike aka the Alternate OEE DTT
    the scripting is done in a Custom Methods updateTable().
    The typical columns were picked but you can easily edit and change this or change what you filter and how.

    The 7.9.10 version is attached below
    ODTT Filtering eqPath Duration 7910.proj

Column sizing script : Derek M. (Sepasoft QA) 
Framework for Custom Methods updateTable() : M. French (Design Consulting) 

OEE Downtime Table